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Yulia Klimenko

Software based on microservice architecture

Gives you unlimited possibilities to deploy, expand, and maintain the system.

  • Simple Cross-Team Coordination
  • Deliver Performance and Scale
  • Easy Real-Time Processing

What's in the box?

Users authorisation

Modern service which allows users to use their account from third-party platforms

Client management

Full-pledged module for client management both private persons and legal entities

Transaction management

Our blockchain based transaction module makes your fintech extremely secure and reliable

Administration pannel

A fully featured admin panel for managing all your daily operations operations from onboarding a clients to generating regulatory reports

Account management

Accept, block, reject and create new accounts, transactions and users. A core functionality of any fintech is already in the box

Price management

Easily create, change, adjust any pricing profile either for one client, for a group of client, or for all of them at once

Modern API that do

The modern API, also known as the API building block, consists of functionality and simplicity required for the full lifecycle of APIs, connectivity to any source of data, ability to compose the data, and provides full visibility, security, governance right from design. That's why our soft is the best for any business.

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