Meet the platform

Microservice architecture delivers modern ecosystem for banking and payments, and give you access to the most important tools .

Users authorization module

Absolutely flexible authentication service that can interact with both external user bases and internal ones

  • Supports two-factor authentication
  • Works with third-party databases
  • Granting permissions for Web and Mobile Banking

Manage your clients easily

Onboard new customers, verify identity and manage customer database.
Customers profile

Creation of customer profiles for both individuals and business

Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management (accepting, blocking, suspending, etc)

Customers documents storage

Upload any customers' documents in to centralized storage. Get the access any time and track history

Customer' verification module

When opening an account, identity verification plays a crucial role in ensuring the person opening an account is indeed who they say they are — not a criminal using stolen identity data.

Our platform allows any third-party verification tool integration for your confidence.

Transactions module

We build solid transaction management module based on blockchain technology.

  • High-level security and fraud protection
  • Real time control over the payment processing
  • Easily customizable payment form: you can add extra fields to your payment form.
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Admin like a captain

The admin panel is powerful tool to manage your neobank. All the processes are under the control.

Get all possibilities to manage your client-base with our admin panel

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Accepting payments

Effective AML tool that allows your team to accept or decline out-bond payments of your clients

Accepting new customers

Management tool for new applicants allows KYC before new account is opened

Managing prices

Create and setup different pricing models individually or for groups of clients

Managing roles

Assign and control roles for client' team with different access permissions

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