Our software is designed for both
new companies and existing fintechs

You can get the source for yourself, or take a ready-made API

“We have built the most modern solution that saves time and money“

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Some core features

Suited to the most complex tasks. Configurable to your exact needs. Compatible with popular platforms

System modularity

Select functionality you need. You can assemble your system based on ready-made modules, or we will make the desired system for you with any needed integrations.

  • Easy distribution of components and parts
  • Simple upgrade
  • Shorter delivery times to production

Cloud or local

We can deploy the system to your server or to any cloud solution in a few clicks.

  • Easy distribution of components and parts on AWS or any other cloud platform

  • Run, docker run. We deliver a docker image and it makes the rest.

  • Or your can run system on your own server locally

Flexible upscaling architecture

With dynamic upscaling, you only pay for the resources you need. So you'll get:

  • Automatic system capacity adjustment when needed
  • No system overloads or unloads
  • Cost savings

Contract API

This is a guarantee of receiving and updating data in the format you expect. Why this matters?

  • The platform allows any other integrations
  • Supports full visibility, security, governance right from design
  • It comes with API documentation

Stability and reliability

All system actions will be known and clear. Keep full control and easy maintain all the processes.

  • Full coverage with API tests
  • System health monitoring and logging

Cross-platform solution

Developers prefer to use different libraries while creating web applications to increase the development speed.

Why should you choose? Get our ready-made solution for React JS, Node JS or Vanilla JS.

Our simple three-step process


Provide us with preliminary structure of the project to decide which services and modules to connect.


Integration and connection of selected services to the back-end. Front-end service customization.


Interface design adaptation to your brand and platform launch

Create your very own stylish and modern fintech with New Age Tech

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